CSR - Van Geloven - Preface

Believing in the future

We are proud to present our fourth annual CSR report. We have been devoting attention to CSR policy for a long time, and we will continue to do so in the coming years as well. Sustainability forms an inextricable part of our entire organisation and it enjoys the support of all our people. We made considerable progress last year too with respect to our three key focus areas Good Living, Sustainable Ingredients and Sustainable Production. This is important to us because snacks are a festivity which everyone should be able to enjoy and which requires successful entrepreneurship. It means we accept our responsibility with respect to people, society and the environment while ensuring a sound return within the chain. 

In view of the welfare and food safety risks, manufacturers in the meat sector are especially liable to scrutiny. Integrity, transparency, animal welfare and origin are becoming increasingly important. In order to be able to monitor the most important issues in the food sector in general and the snacks industry in particular, we held talks with various stakeholders, our suppliers, our customers and consumers last year. In particular we have made steps in the areas of animal welfare, health and preparation methods. For example, we have made major progress on the purchase of meat with criteria beyond legal requirements in the area of animal welfare, among other things with our own Beter Welzijn [Better Welfare] label on the Mora brand. We are also increasingly bringing snacks without meat to the market, for example based on cheese and vegetables. In the area of health, we are devoting a lot of attention to introducing and remaking snacks without artificial aromas, colours or flavours. Furthermore, we are increasingly introducing products that can be prepared in an oven or air fryer.


In 2016, we continued to work with social organisations such as De Zonnebloem and contributed to activities to make enjoyment and pleasure possible for people for whom this is not always a simple matter. Because that is where we can make a contribution with our snacks: enjoying the little celebrations of life.

This growth in CSR is not only important to our immediate environment: our international efforts also require this attention. In 2015, our company was taken over by the international investor TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P., while our international ambitions were further reinforced in the past year by McCain having acquired a controlling interest in our company. We are extremely proud of this. McCain’s global scale and its expertise in frozen potato and snack products will not only strengthen our position in the Benelux, it will also accelerate our international growth toward a European platform. Corporate social responsibility is also an integral part of the strategy, processes and policy for McCain, which is expressed in the mission and corporate pay-off ‘Be Good-Do Good’. We will continue treating people, planet and society with respect and doing what we believe in for the coming years!

Happy reading! 

Mieke de Laat, Chair, CSR coordination group