CSR - Sustainable composition - Health

Integrating sustainability into innovation

The relationship between health and nutrition is a regular topic of public debate. What is healthy and what isn’t? So much has been written about this and so many discussions have been held that many consumers find it difficult to answer this question. We are of the opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying snacks as part of a varied and balanced diet. Van Geloven is assuming responsibility by making its products healthier and by communicating about them as transparently as possible. This will make it easier for consumers to choose what is best for them personally at any time

Van Geloven is using two methods to make our product range more healthy: by monitoring ingredients and by innovating in our range. The Green List is our starting point when developing each new branded product or renovating an existing one. This list contains a clear description of all extra-statutory criteria with which Van Geloven’s products have to comply at corporate and brand level. Specific customer requirements often apply to private label products we develop and these may deviate from the criteria we impose on ourselves for our brand products. If Van Geloven establishes a standard at corporate level, this applies to the company’s brand products and private label snack products alike. One example of this is the segregated* palm oil containing a minimum of 70% unsaturated fat, which we purchase and use in all our products. Supplementary criteria can also be applied in consultation with private labels.


We are aiming for 100% ‘no artificial colouring, flavouring or aromas’!

One of the elements on the Green List is our vision and policy on the use of artificial colouring, flavouring and aromas. After doing this with old favourites such as croquettes, frikandel sausages and hamburgers, we have also put popular Mora snacks such as Kipkorn, Picanto, Viandel and Carrero on the market without any artificial colouring, flavouring or aromatic substances. We will be remaking Mora Funmixes in the same way at the end of 2016, and doing the same for Mora Satay and Mora Minis (small meatballs, chicken nuggets, etc.) at the beginning of 2017. And the development continues, the Oven Goudse Kaasballetjes have now also been changed and the Oven Kalfskroket and the Oven Kipkorn yet to be launched by Mora are also being put to the market without artificial aromas, colouring or flavouring. With this, over 90% of our product range volume sold in supermarkets is free of artificial colouring, flavouring or aromas. 


Remaking with a view to reducing salt too

As we continue developing certain products, we are looking at the options to improve preparation methods for these products using alternative ingredients. And if possible, we adjust products with a similar preparation method at the same time. This means that the Kipkorn, Picanto and Viandel products - as well as Carrero in the long term - which are available on the out-of-home market will also be sold without any artificial colouring, flavouring or aromas. We also reduced the sodium chloride level in our Picanto, Viandel and Carrero products while remaking them. These specialities form part of Van Geloven’s salt reduction policy, which we have further already applied to meat snacks, breaded ragout snacks and spring rolls. To do this, the company followed the agreements made between the AKSV (General Cooking Ingredients and Snacks Manufacturers’ Association) and the FNLI (Netherlands Food Industry Federation) in 2006 concerning the implementing of a salt reduction of 20% compared to the values in the 2006 NEVO table (Dutch Food Composition Database) in the run-up to 2015. Since the AKSV does not have a new sector plan for salt reduction, we are working on our own plan to reduce the sodium chloride level even further in our snacks. We consider it logical to continue working on the reformulation of our products. 

Less meat or none at all: flavour is always key

Besides remaking our snacks by adjusting the ingredients, we also focus on innovating our product range. We see it as our responsibility to offer consumers delicious products containing less meat or even none at all. We had already put the Veggie Satay on the market. This is a 100% vegetarian product certified by the Vegetarians’ Association. 
In 2015, we added a new meatless concept to our range: Happas. These are snacks that go very well with an aperitif, but they can also form part of a delicious dinner as a variety of appetisers. In 2016, Van Geloven also removed all the beef gelatine from the Happas range and replaced it with a plant-based alternative, which means we can now actively claim that this product is vegetarian.
A number of 100% vegetarian products have further been introduced for McCain - producer of deep freeze potato and snack products and majority shareholder in Van Geloven since March 2016. An example is several variants of deep-fried cheese.

We will continue developing products that satisfy the ‘Green List’ according to our policy.

Segregated* palm oil means that sustainably produced palm oil is kept completely separate from non-sustainably produced palm oil throughout the entire supply chain.