CSR - Sustainable composition - Transparency

As far as we’re concerned, transparency means opening our doors Transparency is a major theme in Van Geloven’s CSR policy. As far as we’re concerned, transparency literally means opening our doors. In this regard we appreciate dialogue, because we want to understand the way our customers and other stakeholders perceive our brands and CSR-related issues.

Due to social media and use of smartphones, everyone expects to be able to access all kinds of information at any time of the day or night, while topical issues are discussed online. Moreover, customers and stakeholders are demanding clear and frank information on matters such as the origin of ingredients and the sustainability policy at an organisation. That is why Van Geloven is opening its doors in all kinds of ways.

Talks with the pundits

Our doors are literally open by facilitating visits to our plants for students, employees’ families, television crews, journalists and bloggers. But we also practise transparency by giving the pundits on the market insight into how we prepare and assemble our products, if they ask us for this information. One example of this is the invitation from the Alliantie Verduurzaming Voedsel (Sustainable Food Alliance, AVV) to examine possibilities for using all parts of the animal and submit our results to the Advisory Council. The AVV’s aim is to ensure that sustainability is comprehensively entrenched in all industrial operations throughout the entire chain, and that the basic standard we set together for food production is continually adjusted upwards with respect to sustainability. We also used two products to work on an integrity procedure at a supermarket chain facilitated by an independent audit firm (ISACert). Furthermore, we have provided information on various occasions to the Dutch Consumers’ Association at their request in order to enable them to publish articles on snacks.
And of course, this CSR annual report is also a prime example of transparency: we want people to know who we are, what they can expect of us in relation to CSR, and what challenges we encounter in our MVO policy.

Detailed product information

Van Geloven has been opening its doors in a metaphorical sense for many years as well by publishing detailed extra-statutory reports on nutritional value, allergens and nutrition guidelines (RI = Reference Intake) on the packaging for Mora products. This also appears on the website and the PSinfoodservice digital production information platform. It is primarily intended for out-of-home customers, but other stakeholders consult it as well. Most of these elements have been mandatory since 2015, which means that all our retail products comply with the new European declaration legislation, i.e. the new European Regulation on providing food information to consumers -> Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. 
In addition, Van Geloven has its vegetarian products officially approved by the Vegetarians’ Association to enable vegetarians and flexitarians to make a sound and reliable choice. As proof of approval, our company displays the European logo (EVU label) for vegetarian products on the packaging in all cases where a product fulfils the relevant criteria.