CSR - Van Geloven - Accountability annual CSR report

Accountability annual CSR report


Delicious snacks should always be fun. Now and in the future. That is why take responsibility for people, planet and society. We are focusing on specific points for improvement relating to health, safety, transparency, ingredient sourcing, animal welfare, energy consumption and social commitment. We have been devoting attention to CSR policy for a long time, and we intend to develop this further during the coming years as well. This is the fourth consecutive year in which we are drawing up the balance in a CSR annual report.

This report was inspired by the ‘Global Reporting Initiative’ (GRI). It focuses on Van Geloven’s own production and non-production activities and concerns all our branches in the Netherlands and Belgium as included in the article ‘Van Geloven: Organisation’. We will also be explaining why we have opted for certain sustainability measures, or not as the case may be. For competition reasons, we will be reporting certain developments in a less subtle manner in this report. You can find the GRI table we have reported on via the QR code on this page at mvo.vangeloven.com. The CSR report also takes a very brief look at the impact resulting from activities carried out on Van Geloven’s instructions, such as e.g. transport. And it also devotes emphatic attention to Van Geloven’s role and influence in the chain in which it operates and the health aspects of its products, without going into too much detail.


CSR is making itself felt in our organisation

CSR has become an inextricable part of our entire organisation and the board has also enshrined it as such in our corporate vision and mission. We have a code of conduct that provides insight into our views on corporate social responsibility and the principles we consider important in this connection, which we have shared with all our employees and suppliers. Obviously, the idea here is to comply with this code, but it is also intended to achieve sustainable collaborative relations with our suppliers and customers. Furthermore, we set up a special CSR coordination group in 2010 in which practically all sections of the company are represented and which is chaired by the Marketing & Innovations Director. Its aim is to provide even more guidance in CSR policy, and one result of this is the ‘Green List’. This list contains all the extra-statutory criteria that Van Geloven’s products must meet at the corporate and/or brand level. It is continually updated with new viewpoints the company adopts on the basis of our strategic CSR approach.


Determining the content and focusing on the reporting procedure

In order to be able to determine relevance and priority for its CSR policy, Van Geloven carried out an ISO 26000 issue analysis, a baseline measurement and a comprehensive stakeholder analysis during the past few years. In addition, the company is continually in consultation with buyers, NGOs and consumers that share their demands on various platforms. All this gives a picture of the most important issues in the food sector in general and the snacks industry in particular. Examples include responsibility for decent working conditions and human rights in the chain, animal welfare, sustainable palm oil, biodiversity, use of less or no meat, alternative preparation methods for products, origin and use of more sustainable raw materials, composition of the products with respect to salt and fats, production and transport methods, our ambition to ‘go extra-statutory’, and transparency on our products. We have converted the relevant issues into three key CSR focus areas: Good Living, Sustainable Ingredients and Sustainable Production.