Our History

Growing together with like minds

The province of Brabant, in the Netherlands, in the early sixties. Ad van Geloven grows up in a family of butchers. He discovers the many possibilities of meat. Ad van Geloven starts his career by making and selling canned ragout and soup.

The very best croquette

The same ragout formed the basis of his big break-through: the croquette. In 1969, the first croquettes roll from the conveyor belt. The Netherlands is waiting to be conquered. Ad’s vision is simple and effective: “You can only win if you are the best. And that’s how you can grow.


In subsequent years, the family is extended with snack creators who share our winner mentality and passion for the profession. They all have their own specialist field. Ad van Geloven seeks to partner only brands and producers that want absolutely to be the very best in what they do. This is how he creates a company that makes the best snacks in all categories: the delicious satay from Hebro (take-over in 1992), fried nasi rice and fried bami noodle snacks from Welten (take-over in 1993), frikandel sausages from Van Lieshout (take-over in 2002), the very best stewed-meat croquettes and croquette balls from Van Geloven and the distinctive inventions of Mora (take-over in 2006). In 2008, Van Geloven launched the De Bourgondier brand which has marketed the most delectable croquettes and bitterballen ever since. The end of 2016 saw the take-over of Swinkels Snackery & Backery (of Souflesse fame) and Royaan, home of the Van Dobben, Kwekkeboom, Willie Dokter, Laan and KB brands.