Kipfingers (Chicken fingers) salad

Surprise your customer

Innovations in your range can be quite a challenge. We are happy to assist you with inspiration around our existing snacks. That enables you to create an innovative product based on a familiar snack. Vary frequently to surprise your customers. It allows you to test which product ideas are popular. Perhaps you have a new margin maker at hand!

You need

  • Mora Kipfingers
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Croutons Parmesan cheese
  • Egg
  • Caesar dressing

To prepare

Prepare the Mora Kipfingers as indicated on the packaging. Boil the egg in the meantime. Transfer the lettuce to a bowl and garnish with some croutons. Cut the egg in slices and garnish the lettuce. Put the prepared Kipfingers on the lettuce and finish with some Parmesan cheese and dressing.

For some extra colour:
add some sun-dried tomatoes.

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