Private Label

Do you want to offer snacks under your own private label? Van Geloven is happy to assist! We produce snacks for a large number of industrial buyers. In consultation with you, we develop products that fulfil your wishes and requirements from a to z.

Van Geloven

Van Geloven has eight hundred employees and four plants. We have been a reputable player on the snacks market for many years. Snacking is in our genes! Our range includes popular Dutch snacks such as croquettes, frikandel sausages, fried bami noodles, spring rolls and satay, as well as chicken products and specialities. All our products are made in accordance with the highest quality standards by expert employees with a passion for their field. We sell our snacks to virtually all Dutch and Belgian retailers in the markets under various private label names. We also produce snacks for various wholesale traders, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and supply various retailers and wholesale traders outside the Benelux countries. Additionally, we produce for industrial customers.

Business to business

Van Geloven has an extensive Product Development department. This is where we create and develop products that fulfil our customers’ wishes and requirements from a to z. Together with you, we focus on the business processes. Subsequently we find the best product and the most efficient packaging form. As a customer, you have a wide range of choices. The possibilities are endless, both in terms of products and in terms of packaging! With our extensive experience in snacks, we are able to provide excellent advice and assist you in ideas and choices. The result: a snack that fully fits in with your company.

Quality and traceability

Naturally, we are committed to quality. We comply with strict quality requirements and impose these on our suppliers too. Our purchasing department buys only the best ingredients at strict purchasing requirements. All our ingredients are traceable. Using Track and Trace, we can see exactly where they come from. We keep the chain as short as possible in order to have more control. Finally, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. We accept our responsibility in terms of people, the environment and society, and we keep abreast of developments in this area of the market.


Van Geloven attained the following certificates:

IFS Tilburg
IFS Maastricht
ISO Maastricht
OHSAS Maastricht
IFS Helmond


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