A party for everyone

Van Geloven offers customers a carefully compiled range of tasty, high-quality and responsible snack products with an excellent return. The range includes our twelve leading brands, including our familiar snack champions. The Mora Kipkorn chicken snack, the Kroketterij De Bourgondiër stewed meat croquette, the Van Dobben croquette, the Souflesse cheese souffle, the Ad van Geloven croquette, the Van Lieshout frikandel sausage, the Laan bami bite, the Willie Dokter meatball, the Hebro satay, the Welten Bami Oriental and the Kwekkeboom croquette are favourites in the market.

Making people happy by surprising them with tasty snacks: that is our mission. We want to be and remain the consumers’ and professionals’ favourite snack specialist. Tasty, reliable, accessible and affordable. At home and beyond. We are proud of our products and it shows in everything. At the same time, we are committed to ‘simple and practical’: just do it, both feet on the ground and fulfilling promises. That is how we remain agile, quick and efficient.

Continuous improvement

Passion and attention for our products, customers and consumers come first for us. Since Ad van Geloven was established, we aim to be the best. We are driven and committed to continuous improvement. Every day, we raise our standards, sharply looking out for new opportunities and details. This is how we continue to challenge ourselves to perform even better. It also enables us to continue surprising our customer with new, tasty and easily prepared snack products and concepts of the highest quality.

Shared success

We are committed, and we feel it is important to cherish the relationship with our customers. We would like to invite you to our kitchen to develop new snack products and concepts together. Our employees are up to date with the latest trends and market developments. This allows us to understand your business, pro-actively assist you in thinking processes and help you achieve healthy returns. If our customers are successful and our consumers happy - then so are we.

Responsible snacking

We accept our responsibility in terms of people, the environment and society. Concrete improvement steps move us forward in terms of health, sustainable employment of our staff, safety, transparency, origin of ingredients, energy consumption and social involvement. For example, we reduced the salt and saturated fat content in our products in the past few years. And we actively contributed to the platform ‘Responsible Frying’ in the cafeteria sector. Tasty snacking should also be responsible snacking!